Please join us for our BETA season. Stand by for more features!

How to Play

1. Find your club

Use our fixture list on the homepage or bookmark the club page.

2. Study the lineup

Take a look at who started last EPL game, or when available, the predicted lineup from Opta.

Select agree/disagree

Agree with the lineup or do you need to make some changes?

Create your lineup

That's it. You're done.


  • When do the Opta predicted lineups come in? We publish the Opta predicted lineups as soon as we received them. Typically two to three days before scheduled kick offs.
  • What do the red and green icons mean under player names? These indicate whether the player started the previous matches - red means they didn't, green means they did. The dots read left to right, with the right-hand dot being the last Premier League match.
  • What does the % mean? This shows the current % of users that have predicted a particular player to start the next Premier League match.
  • What if the player is injured or ineligible? If a player is injured or not able to play, that will show as a red (non-starter)
  • Where do the predicted lineups come from? We obtain the predicted lineups from Opta.
  • Why are you showing the last Premier League lineup? Until we receive the predicted lineups from Opta, we default to the last league lineup for the club.
  • Can I edit my Starting 11? Yes, registered users can edit their predictions up until two hours before kick off.
  • What happens if a player is injured? All injured players are flagged on the club screen. You can remove an injured player right up until 2hrs before kick off.
  • Where do you get your data from? We subscribe to data from Opta who are a world leader in live sports data.
  • Do you cover cup or European games? Not at the moment. We only cover the Premier League.